punchcar5's Very cool norns.


Updated: 17. Dezember 2008

My norns to share to you. Sorry I have no pitcure I'm just a biginer. If you don't know how to get my norns in to your game, Dowload my norn, drag the icon torward my documents if that's where you keep your norns, then go into C2, and get my norn out. My norn decpritions are true and there's a full guarrentee that you will get what the decritions say!!!!!!!!!!!

Bert   Downloads: 209   Updated: 17. Dezember 2008
Bert as you see is a rare genetic disorder. Why? Beacsuse he is a sant cluse norn! His mother is Carly, who recently passed away.

Herman   Downloads: 201   Updated: 17. Dezember 2008
This is herman. He is an old c1 forest norn. He and molly jst to let you know , are soul mates.

Con   Downloads: 199   Updated: 15. Dezember 2008
Con is a very beautiful norn. He is also not a good breeder.

Rena   Downloads: 213   Updated: 14. Dezember 2008
Rena is realated to Marla and Sena. Rena loves food!

Sena   Downloads: 225   Updated: 14. Dezember 2008
Sena is sisters with marla.

Marla   Downloads: 207   Updated: 14. Dezember 2008
Marla is a very beutiful norn. Very beautiful.

Molly   Downloads: 213   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Molly is a florian norn who loves every norn and is never vilolent,( well, she loves to kick baby norns though.)

Nichol   Downloads: 233   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Nichol looks extactly like her mother, she has the alkimi cammy gene like her too. Her mother is Nichell. When she's older and gets pregnant, watch out. She usually takes her a long time and alot of pain.She almost died of the pain.

Mola   Downloads: 210   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Mola is another one of my norns. she is the daughter of dona and vinceint.When she's an adult, she turns very beatiful, her genes really show, i'm not shure how she got the pixie head, but, that's o.k. as long as you download her.

Vinceint   Downloads: 210   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Vincient is a very beautiful breed and is a very good breeder, i mean it! He has som many children, it's unbeleiveable. His children are always so pretty and are all good breeders. His genes really take over. If you make molly and vincent breed, the baby norn will die, they both have very strong genes!!!

Peekaboo   Downloads: 216   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Peekaboo is a cute baby norn who is the son of Vincent and Darla, (alttthough he's is very bug eyed). When he's older, he's not so buged eyed and hid body turns blue.

Mystiecreature   Downloads: 216   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Mystrie creature for all you guys whol ike suprises

Saria   Downloads: 204   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Saria is sisters with olivia, she is always mad, takes long naps, but is very freindly, and i mean friendly. She will turn into a mer norn when older. also when she's older she can live in land and water. She's friendly but not a very god breeder ,I think her and olvia have the confused norn gene. There father id on the creatures caves website.

Rex   Downloads: 197   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Rex , i got him from the dcreatures caves website. he is a good breeder, and his kids are beautiful.

Cana   Downloads: 192   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Cana wants to always be the center of attention. Always wants to be a pricess, ahe throws a fit if she dosen't get her way, and she hits baby norns when mad, so tey and make her happy.

Olivia   Downloads: 201   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Olivia is a beautiful norn with a purple scoptop tail. She is very beautiful norn! She is sister's with Saria. She has the confused nor gene too.

Mariell   Downloads: 198   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Mariell, was a faint memory, either i slpiced her, or i adpopted her. oh well, she is very preety. I think i spiced her.

King   Downloads: 219   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
King is the son of rex and mariell. He is a very complex and emotional norn, but he is always a joy to everyone! Just make shure you watch him, on my game he died as and adult.

Hannah   Downloads: 208   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Hannah is a very beautiful norn, i got her off of the creaturescaves website. She is now old, but she is a very well breeder. She had the most kids out of all my norns, ecept for Talisa. If you want the younger version of her go to the creatures caves website and go to adoptions, C2 female, and look her up. I will tey to find her again and make her into an adult. Her children are very beautiful! READ THIS , IT IS IMPORTANT!:Hannah no longer an adult, she is a senior, so id you click on her, she will be a senior.!

Curly   Downloads: 204   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Cutly is the son of prince snow and mariell. the pink is a very rare touch of lavander. (Alot of my norns are rare, so you'll hear that alot.) Very curious, almost got himself killed by hitting a bee hive in the C2 world. He is a mix of a uninorn and a blizzard norn

Twinkle   Downloads: 184   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Twinkle is another well breed norn of mine. She is the daughter of Marliell and vincint. She is a mer norn, but she will die in water.( Sorry i don't have da best spelling.) Her caoat is a neon green and has an extra midsumer tail.

Saltpepper   Downloads: 207   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Saltpepper is the nicest norn, i have ever met. He dosen't hit, he doen't make a mad face, he loves every norn, I think he's a joy to have. If you want a younger version of him, go to the creatures caves website, go to adoptions and clikc on c2 males, scrool, and you'll see him. I just put him on this web site to let you see what he looks like. when he's older.

Man   Downloads: 182   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Man is the son of Saltpepper and Twinkle. He is Very cnfinate, always acts like an adutl, always is around other adult males, so that;'s why I named him man. He is very special. He's not now, but before he was drunk. he was up and walking as a baby and drunk beacuse his parents ate this one plant.

Delelah   Downloads: 193   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
This norn is the daughter of prince snow, and of course, Hahhah. She is a very beautiful norn. All she wants is to be loved.Her beauty really takes place when she's older.

Carly   Downloads: 199   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Carly the douther of Rex and Hannah. Both very attrctive norn, one beautiful norn, i mean look at her! She's a baby, but both Hahhah and Rex are good breeders. When she's older, she's not a good breeder.

Sanya   Downloads: 194   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Sanya is the duegter of hanah and saltpepper. She is a beautiful breed, very freindly, and never shows expression.Her coat is a bueatuful purple.(fshgafh vsdbasfdhgbfbafdbfdab: By bethany Wigard!!!!!)

Dalra   Downloads: 187   Updated: 5. Dezember 2008
Darla is a creatures adventure norn, whic is really rare now a dyas. I FINALLY found out the way to make a picture of her, you will see my goalof 100 norns now! Creautres caves norns are rare!

Prince snow   Downloads: 199   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Prince snow is a mixture between a uninorn and an Ice norn. He is very beautiful!

Mo   Downloads: 181   Updated: 18. September 2008
named after my sister. She is a butterfly norn who is very kind and generous.

Hebe   Downloads: 187   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Hebe is the son of alvin and mareill. He is very freingly torwardds evey thing.

Beowulf   Downloads: 177   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Beowulf is the son of boll and nichelle. He ias a blueberry norn too!

Nichelle   Downloads: 199   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Nichelle is a blueberry norn who is realy intelligent.

Jon   Downloads: 185   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Jon is an Fidoho norn. I'm not shure If he has the wings yet but he loves to throw things.

Sally   Downloads: 195   Updated: 18. September 2008
Sally is a misumer norn who loves toys

Ganmard   Downloads: 192   Updated: 31. Oktober 2008
Ganmard is the son of Billy jean and wilbur

Al   Downloads: 202   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Let's just say he's a blue spinx norn

Taboo   Downloads: 202   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Taboo is a mad dancing norn that is always wanting to mate. Let's say that he's the Quagmire norn.

Alivin   Downloads: 186   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
The son of Taboo and Alima

Billy   Downloads: 188   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Billy loves too adventure. He is a full blooded pixie norn

Alima   Downloads: 193   Updated: 30. August 2008
A striped norn but kind of a cat nrn too.

Tally   Downloads: 188   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
The daughter of Alima and Wilbur

Ben   Downloads: 204   Updated: 18. September 2008
Ben is a scorpio norn and he loves to eat!

Beauty   Downloads: 201   Updated: 4. November 2008
Beauty is the most beautiful norn I have ever creaated, it is mixed with an emrald norn and a sea greandel she is in her childhood when she gets older, she gets fat

Kitty cat   Downloads: 204   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Not a cat norn but knda looks like a srtipped norn but cat like

Bibbel   Downloads: 189   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Bibbel is a full bloded hebe norn. She is an adult and love to get pregnant for some reeason

Mongoose   Downloads: 207   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
He is a full bloded hebe norn

Bubbles   Downloads: 161   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
I orgianaly got this creatures from another person's website, but I wanted to spred her joy of sharing her creatures by helping her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is an Mouse/ Mernorn

???????????????????   Downloads: 208   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
A mystery creature for all you guys if you like mysteries!!!!!!!!!!

Wilbur   Downloads: 197   Updated: 26. November 2008
Wilbur is a winged pixie norn. he is in his adulthood.

Girly boy   Downloads: 201   Updated: 18. September 2008
I'm sorry I thought that if I'd download him he would turn out to be a neon pink butterfly norn like he origanly was, but instead he turned out to be a angel norn. enjoy!

Billy jean   Downloads: 182   Updated: 25. Oktober 2008
Billy jean is a cross breed between a butterfly norn and a Emrald norn, i guess ahe wouls be a new breed, the graasy green norn

Shelly   Downloads: 185   Updated: 18. September 2008
Shelly is a sphinx norn. there very rare and you can't find them anywhere any more. Consider your self luck. she's in her baby stage

Mary   Downloads: 180   Updated: 18. September 2008
Mary is a emreald norn. she's always happy.