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Updated: 9. August 2003

Norns and Grendels.

funny grendelpack!!! All kinds of Grendels   Downloads: 521   Updated: 9. August 2003
You need banshee's, Zwergbunts, C3 Grendels, Masks, Dusky's and some Puce Grendels.

Zwergbunts and Banshee - Updated: August 8, 2003   Downloads: 501   Updated: 9. August 2003
Terry and Gurky are looking after a good home. As you like Grendels, download these beautiful and nice creatures. You need the Zwergbunt and Banshee sprites.

Pinky norns!!!!DS   Downloads: 520   Updated: 6. Mai 2003
Pinky norns!!!! Great colors!! Micheline and Ambrosius. For the same apparence you need the Siamese sprites.

NEW!!!! Various nornpack.DS   Downloads: 558   Updated: 22. April 2003
All kinds of norns (babies) : Vivi, Henrietta, Packardbelle,Various, Alberto, Bert, Collin.. Most are Children of warped norns.

Melodie DS norn   Downloads: 658   Updated: 22. April 2003
She's just nice and beautiful...:-)

Delftnorn DS   Downloads: 831   Updated: 10. November 2002
Grishou is a Delftnorn crossed with a warp grenorn. She has the typical Delftnorn colour and personality..She will like you very much, I'm sure. Delftnorn gen, Zebra & Bengale

Target   Downloads: 482   Updated: 10. November 2002
Its an poodle ettin crossed with an zebranorn (artificial inseminated) He is very cute, but not so a good breeder. (one child) Maybe you will have more succes!!!

marilyne (DS)   Downloads: 507   Updated: 24. Mai 2002
for the same apparence of these very lovable baby you need the zebra and yellowstone sprites

orange boyo DS,C3   Downloads: 850   Updated: 18. Mai 2002
jungle norn crossed with norns from other users (?) I find his colours super cool!!!