Updated: 20. August 2011

Altered scripts

Meerk   Downloads: 312   Updated: 20. August 2011
updated meerk

Vulnerable Kingfisher   Downloads: 180   Updated: 4. Juni 2009
This file alters the kingfisher so that it is more vulnerable - it will no longer eat the stickletrout to extinction, and should the stickletrout die out, the kingfisher nest will no longer hatch kingfishers.

Generalist Stickleback   Downloads: 191   Updated: 26. Mai 2009
This cos file gives the C3 stickleback trout a more generalist diet - in addition to eating pests and bugs, they will now also eat fruit, seeds and food. This will remove temptation to norns who want to get that seed that's just out of reach, and it will help the stickleback trout survive in the absence of dragonfly larvae.

Slappable Mozzies   Downloads: 180   Updated: 12. April 2009
This is the Mosquito/Mozzie/Mossie Fly from the C3 Grendel Jungle, altered to give your creatures a fighting chance - they will be able to slap these mozzies to death.

Edible Rocklice   Downloads: 187   Updated: 9. April 2009
The rocklice from the C3 Grendel Jungle patched to be eaten successfully by your creatures. The "breedable" version of the file is experimental and may cause overpopulation of rocklice.

Grendel Seed Bank Alteration   Downloads: 169   Updated: 9. April 2009
Alters the Grendel Seed Bank to give more bang for your buck - more seeds and wasps come from each click.