C3/DS norns

Updated: 26. Juni 2012

C3/DS norns

  Downloads: 177  

Onyx Chichi Norns   Downloads: 160   Updated: 26. Juni 2012
KnyteTrypper's Onyx Chichi Norns.

Eddie   Downloads: 271   Updated: 5. April 2007
Born on a Mac, he has an interesting look and an independant personality.

E.Conomy   Downloads: 266   Updated: 12. November 2006
E.Conomy is a norn with a beautiful apple colouration, originally bred by "Philosopher".

Treehugger Fallow Norns   Downloads: 262   Updated: 28. Oktober 2006
Made with EasyGMS, these norns have the genome of a Treehugger, wrapped in the hide of a Fallow. The main differences is that these are bright pink, and instead of a crowdedness problem, they have a loneliness problem. This is an egg agent, to use it put it in your Agents folder and then use Muco.