Updated: 1. August 2005

My favourite COBs

Gameboy   Downloads: 211   Updated: 27. Juli 2005
A gameboy for your Creatures by Bean.

Carrot Variety Pack   Downloads: 360   Updated: 1. Juli 2005
The Carrot Variety Pack installs Freya's Carrot Patch, extends the garden carrot patch, and adds three new kinds of carrots in different locations: The Darkling Cave carrots are a new species that grow beneath the old temple. Although their taste does not compare to the original carrots, their nutritional value is still high: * NFP decrease: 50 * Hunger decrease: 80 * Starch: 100 Hunny Carrots grow near the beehives, they have taken on some of the bad properties of honey, providing less nourishment but satiating more hunger: * NFP decrease: 50 * Hunger decrease: 130 * Starch: 60 Despite their unwholesome appearance, Muddy Swamp Carrots are slightly more nutitious than normal carrots. Despite this they are not as filling or as tasty so your norns would appreciate other things in their diet besides ;-) Luckily swamp carrots are fast growing, replacing their numbers quite quickly. They grow beneath the Grendel Tree, and have: * NFP decrease: 60 * Hunger decrease: 90 * Starch: 110 The Carrot Variety Pack was made by Muppetboy, and can be found at Muppetboy's Geatville (although right now the site seems to be down).

Everlasting Honey   Downloads: 283   Updated: 1. Juli 2005
Everlasting Honey - same effects as the normal honey, but the hand never has to refill the pot. Made by Muppetboy of Muppetboy's Geatville.

C1 class numbers 23 July 2005   Downloads: 218   Updated: 24. Juli 2005
This is a backup zipped rtf file of the C1 class numbers on the Creatures Wiki on the 23rd of July 2005.

Purple Mountain Hootch   Downloads: 222   Updated: 1. August 2005
Shaken by tremors from the CCSF party, something called 'drink' has rolled down from the purple mountains to the delight of your Purple Mountain, Ron and Forest Norns. Reduces heat and coldness and gives Purple Mountain Alcohol!

Ugly Tomato Herb   Downloads: 281   Updated: 4. Oktober 2004
Do you have trouble with your norns breeding too much? They won't eat the Ugly Tomato that comes with the game? Try the new Ugly Tomato Herb - now norns know that it's good for them!

Extra Food   Downloads: 227   Updated: 28. August 2004
Extra carrots plants 50 extra Albian carrots in the garden. Extra lemons causes the lemon vine to grow 15 more lemons. Made by Amanita Perne and Diamanda Tackly.

Parsnip Patch   Downloads: 270   Updated: 14. August 2004
the parsnip patch made by Muppetboy allows a relative of the Albian carrot to grow on the sandy soils of the Island... good for norns and grendels!

Passageway   Downloads: 231   Updated: 14. August 2004
Passageway 1 takes the direct solution to wallbonking - it removes the kitchen wall! Passageway 2 creates a passageway between the shower and that little area beneath the lighthouse. temple cave extends the room under the temple to the right. All of these were made by Muppetboy.

Punching bag   Downloads: 228   Updated: 14. August 2004
This punching bag was made by Steve Dismukes of Fig's Tree - it injects in the treehouse, is called 'bang', and reduces your creatures anger and NFP. Good for grendels and norns!

Updated Bridge   Downloads: 230   Updated: 14. August 2004
this is an updated version of Freya's waterfall bridge - it's more like a bridge and less like a mover. you don't need Freya's bridge to use it, though. It was made by Muppetboy

Juicy Apples   Downloads: 286   Updated: 14. August 2004
the Juicy Apples COB made by Muppetboy (some sprites by Darcie Clements) causes the grendel tree to burst into flower, and then grows apples - very good for grendels and norns alike!