Random C1 norns + grendels

Updated: 26. Juni 2006

These are some of my C1 norns and grendels, I cannot remember a lot about most of them, I hope you like them!

Zab's Amazon Norns   Downloads: 417   Updated: 26. Juni 2006
Despite the appearance of the picture, these are C1 norns. Females are agressive whilst males are timid. More in the read-me.

C1 Boney Grendels   Downloads: 428   Updated: 18. Juni 2006
The C1 Boney Grendels, converted by Slaiterbait.

Bean's Ettins   Downloads: 287   Updated: 27. Juli 2005
These ettins were made by Bean, before C2 came out, for C1.

Giant Grey Grendel   Downloads: 417   Updated: 7. Mai 2005
A grendel breed by an unknown author...

Pansy the Grendel   Downloads: 268   Updated: 30. August 2004
Her name is Pansy, she will be a fully breedable grendel (when she grows up). To view her properly, you need the C2-2-C1 boney grendel sprites from The Mechan Saga.

Winner babies   Downloads: 247   Updated: 14. August 2004
These babies are the winners of a 300+ hour wolfling run in Albia and Terra Nornia. some of them may know some words, but their numbers do not indicate their place in the run, just the order of export. they are very good at dealing with temperatures, they are intelligent, but they grow up to be very sweet!

Ai   Downloads: 290   Updated: 10. Juli 2003
Ai is one of my favourite norns, she is old in this download, but well behaved and motherly.

Bluey   Downloads: 284   Updated: 10. Juli 2003
As his name suggests, he is bright red.

Janet   Downloads: 267   Updated: 10. Juli 2003
My first norn. (PMN)

Tinaboop   Downloads: 298   Updated: 10. Juli 2003
Tinaboop is a survivor of a feral run, and that's all I can remember about her.