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Project Blueberry

Welcome to Project Blueberry

Updated: 6. März 2006

Thanks for checking out Project Blueberry.

Maybe I should explain; Project Blueberry is my latest endeavor at creating a self sustaining population of pure coloured Norns that almost always breed true. If you have a blue Norn you would like to share with me, feel free to send it through the Warp; I'm always looking for new genes to add to my gang!

You've probably noticed you can't download the Foundation 1 group. This is because I downloaded most of the original breeding stock, so if you poke around the net, you'll probably find most of them easily. If I ever get the time and I manage to remember, I'll try to find all the original links.

I've done my best to present everything I know about each of the Norns placed up for adoption, but some are still very young and I don't know much about them. If any of my Norns develop interesting behaviours, conditions, or change colours, please send me an e-mail and I'll update their descriptions. Unless specifically noted, none of my Norns are Fast Agers. If they are, there will be a WARNING at the beginning of their description text. Update January 2007: I changed over all the pictures to .jpg, so hopefully they all show up properly now.

Gallery Only
Browse through the project's original founding Norns, including the namesake Blueberry.

Here's the first batch of Norns that are the offspring of creatures which I downloaded or who came to me through the Warp.

Most of these Norns have Foundation 2 parents, though a few were bred back to the Foundation 1 line. Check them out!

Here's all the Norns from Project Blueberry that are NOT Blue. Maybe you'd like to take one home with you?

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