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from katsu e-mailseto-kelpie@freenet.de
Updated: April 24, 2008

Awesome Mutations By Kat from Katerina (Kat) e-mailaniretak212@comcast.net
Updated: August 24, 2006
Me likey my norns Me likey my norns Me likey Likey Like like Likey Likey like Likey My Norns Lalala Lalala Lalala BOOOOM!

*~*~*Natures Poison*~*~*

from NaturesPoison e-mailNaturesPoison@yahoo.de
Updated: August 28, 2009

Meine DS Z?chtungen.Vorallem ChiChi/Hardmann und Chichi Astro Mixe

Meine Norns sind alle in der gedockten DS aufgezogen.

8gabriellag from 8gabriellag e-mail
Updated: September 13, 2008

abom66 from abom66 e-mail
Updated: February 19, 2007

adrian from adrian e-mailwww.adrian
Updated: April 14, 2008
It is the cool page...

Aggugus bunte Creaturesworld from Aggugu e-mailiris@aksta.de
Updated: November 21, 2004
Hier gibt es viele Sachen wie zum Beispiel Backgrouns,Norns,Ettins und all sowas.

Akilina & Oksana's Place from Akilina & Oksana e-mail
Updated: September 6, 2004
Hello! These Norns were all bred by us, Akilina and Oksana, and they all have names from our native country, Russia!
These Norns are 100% ours, though we did not make the sprites.

Alien's creatures from Alien e-maileliane@roeschter.com
Updated: November 8, 2001
Norn, Grendels and Ettins for C3 and DS
New! Lots of coloured Eskimo Norns! They're cool!

amberholic from amberholic e-mail
Updated: March 14, 2003

amethyst223 from amethyst223 e-mail
Updated: September 4, 2010

Anduin's Creatures from Anduin e-mailsarranduin@hotmail.com
Updated: August 13, 2006

andy_barosanu2005 from andy_barosanu2005 e-mailandy_barosanu2005@yahoo.com
Updated: January 25, 2007

animal from animal e-mail
Updated: April 13, 2008

Arkana Mystera from NSG e-mailadnoctem@surfeu.de
Updated: March 25, 2005
C2, C3 & DS Creatures
*~*!!!Oster Norns - Rasse komplett!!!*~* *~*!!!Easter Norns - breed complete!!!*~*

Arkian's Creatures! from arkian e-mailI_heart.rawr@yahoo.com
Updated: May 29, 2007
Norns, Grendels, & Ettins all the way!!!(C3/DS only)

ashley from ashley e-mail
Updated: March 28, 2002

away from away e-mail
Updated: January 31, 2008

baelfethra from baelfethra e-mailbaelfethra@gmail.com
Updated: July 11, 2006

Benjamin's Norn Adoption's! from Benjamin e-mailBenTeancum@netscape.net
Updated: September 25, 2003
I have bunch's and bunch's of norns to give away. I have Kai cross's Atlantic Mernorn cross's Butterfly norn cross's of both types and all the originals! ^_^
These are all Creatures 2 adoptions.

berni from berni e-mail
Updated: June 18, 2004
Colored norns for Creatures 3

bet from bet e-mail
Updated: August 31, 2007

bloody_angell from bloody_angell e-maildarth_safetypin@hotmail.com
Updated: March 9, 2008
If you have any questions or comments,feel free to chat me on DS,or IM me via AIM.I'm poisonbooze.♥♥
I'm now starting to host overnight wolfling runs!I'll be starting off with only a few breeds,no more than 3 or 4 for now.^^

brats from brats e-mail
Updated: July 25, 2010

brenda_hoffman from brenda_hoffman e-mailxena1000@hotmail.com
Updated: July 21, 2002

BunterNorns Nornhaus - BunterNorns nornhouse from bunternorn e-mailelmar-online@gmx.de
Updated: October 26, 2005
Mein kleines Nornhaus. Hier sollen allerhand Mischlinge hinkommen. - My small Nornhaus. Here, all kinds of half-breeds should arrive.
Wenn ihr eine Empfehlung habt, welche Norns gut zueinander passen, schreibt mir bitte! - If you a recommendation, which Norns fit well to each other, please has write me! - This translation is of you own risk!

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