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Paul's Canny amphibians from paul e-mail
Updated: October 30, 2007

payge from payge e-mail
Updated: December 27, 2010

punchcar5's Very cool norns. from punchcar5 e-mail
Updated: December 17, 2008
I have c2 norns, but i'm taking out the c1 selection beacuse, i don't have c1. I really would like C1, but, i don't know it would be on my computer beacuse, you know, it's the oldest version of creatures!
For every norn you get, they will bring you love and joy. plus my breeds are no where near your average c2 adoption page, my norns are real, not the breeds that look so beautiful, when you downoad them, you'll get a sweet heart grendel mutaion. I gurrantte, all my norns are wel breed adn real!

r12_corvette from r12_corvette e-mail
Updated: December 14, 2002

rachael from rachael e-mail
Updated: July 31, 2006

ragemaster from ragemaster e-mail
Updated: April 27, 2007

rayman-fan koti.mbnet.fi/gumsi from rayman-fan e-mailgumsi@mbnet.fi
Updated: November 12, 2003
Rayman fansite!
Note book

rddelacuesta from rddelacuesta e-mail
Updated: January 2, 2009

roces from roces e-mail
Updated: October 2, 2012

ryanelizabeth93 from ryanelizabeth93 e-mail
Updated: September 16, 2008

sakuradragon from sakuradragon e-mail
Updated: September 3, 2007

Samy's Norn's from samy666 e-mail
Updated: August 22, 2007
Norn's for starter's C3

savannahs1 from savannahs1 e-mail
Updated: May 31, 2015

Seraphine from seraphine e-mailseraphine_cob@yahoo.co.uk
Updated: August 30, 2003
C1 norns, all female and fertile

Sgeo from sgeo e-mail
Updated: July 5, 2004
Has some norns, including a blind norn and a norn that can cause problems...
If seeing norns with disabilities offends you, do NOT enter.

Shadowveil from Shadowveil e-mailshadow-veil@hotmail.com
Updated: November 26, 2006

shadow_wolfs_norns from shadow_wolfs_norns e-mailBabygurlleo@aol.com
Updated: November 26, 2008
Here you will find mostly C2 norns, all sorts of different breeds, and eventually ettins and those troublesome grendles.
A lot of these creatures will need sprites before being imported into you game to work properly. Please make sure you have these.

shinymew from shinymew e-mail
Updated: March 15, 2008

sonicanime from sonicanime e-mail
Updated: September 30, 2007

Sporky's Stuff from sporky e-mailpoopymonkeyfeet@hotmail.com
Updated: October 14, 2004

starguy32 from starguy32 e-mail
Updated: June 26, 2006

Stucool's stuff from stucool e-mail
Updated: December 12, 2005

Swix's C3/DS Creatures from swix e-mailTiamat15@hotmail.com
Updated: September 24, 2009
Interesting and cute Norns, Ettins, Grendels and Shee I thought I'd share with you all ;).
My in-game and gameware name is Yamatano ;)

tainted from tainted e-mail
Updated: March 1, 2006

The Shee's Secret Lab from ettinlogic e-mail
Updated: August 16, 2007
Here you can adopt Norns, Ettins, Grendels and occasionallly geats for the game Creatures 2. Very soon I will be adding a Creatures 3 section once I get the SpriteBuilder from Gameware. Just make sure that you give them a good home is the only requirement.

tiffbritt from tiffbritt e-mailtiffbritt@peoplepc.com
Updated: February 14, 2003

Tokarion from tokarion e-mailtokarion@gmx.de
Updated: October 15, 2001
Hier findet ihr unter anderem eine Auswahl schöner Norns aus 291 Generationen.
Besucht auch:

TreeSprite's Creatures Grove from treesprite e-mailtreesprite.geo@yahoo.com
Updated: January 1, 2007
Come and enjoy the fun of playing Creatures!

Tsuya's Crazy Creatures from Tsuya e-mailsirupchan@gmail.com
Updated: January 8, 2011
Various creatures for C3 and DS, mostly Norns and Ettins.
Some creatures may require certain sprites in order to show up correctly. Pay attention to which sprites you will need.

ursa_minor from ursa_minor e-mail
Updated: January 24, 2006

Veevveeezas Cob Storage! from veeveeeng e-mail
Updated: April 6, 2020
Hey everyone! As you may already know, I have an account on CC with the same username. This little effort here is to keep COBS and Agents, as well as Genetic Breeds alive. If something on here is yours and you want it to be taken down, ask me over at the CC.
COBs and others wonders for everyone!

ViaNova's PseudoBreeds from vianova e-mailnovacant2@gmail.com
Updated: March 2, 2007
These are my Docking station pseudobreeds and oddities, bred or crossbred in-game using purely free-for-download breeds to create something quite out of the ordinary for your world.
In general, I have no idea what genome these have or any other such complicated things. I put this and that together and got something neat, and here it is, along with what you need to make it show up properly.

W's Whimsical Wonderland | der Skurril Wonderland von W! from W e-mail
Updated: April 23, 2011
Welcome to the Whimsical Wonderland of W! -"I am W!"- Yes, you are. Now, W likes to distribute strange Norns. She breeds Norns to find special characteristics, then sends them to be adopted! -"Yes, I do!"- Yes, you do. Now please look around and enjoy W's Whimsical Wonderland! | Willkommen in der Skurril Wonderland von W! "Ich bin W!" Ja, Sie. Nun mag W auf fremde Nornen zu verteilen. Sie z?chtet Nornen, um spezielle Eigenschaften zu finden, dann schickt sie angenommen werden! "Ja, ich!" Ja, das tun Sie. Jetzt bitte schauen Sie sich um und genie?en W Skurril Wunderland!
W's Whimsical Wonderland has: Norns ? Mutations ? The original Boomi Syndrome ? Freaks of Nature! | W's Wonderland Skurril hat: Nornen ? Mutationen ? Das Original Boomi Syndrom ? Launen der Natur!

white from white e-mail
Updated: June 20, 2004
hey people, i hope u all like my norns ^.^

WolfFan's Norn Downloads from WolfFan e-mail
Updated: May 16, 2010
A bunch of interesting/freakish/pretty DS norns (most require C3/CE breeds to display correctly, if you have CE they'll show up fine).
My ingame username is WolfFan, so you can message me there if you want. You can also message me at the Creatures Forums (same username - WolfFan) if you want.

Z's Creatures from zirota e-mailZirota@aol.com
Updated: June 8, 2011
Welcome, I'll try my best to put up unique and beautiful creatures.

ZeebraNorn's Downloads from ZeebraNorn e-mailpink.dragon@WaterCity.zzn.com
Updated: March 9, 2002
Lots of cool downloads for you and your Norns!
Visit my website here!

zeebra_images from zeebra_images e-mail
Updated: May 18, 2002

zeus from zeus e-mail
Updated: November 22, 2002

zmaster238 from zmaster238 e-mail
Updated: August 12, 2008

~ Embri's ~
Project Blueberry
from embri e-mail
Updated: February 28, 2008
Welcome to Project Blueberry. There are currently 54 Norns up for your enjoyment, all are from DS and every one of them is Coloured.

All are for Docking Station only, and are standard breeds. (No third party or Cyberlife packs required.)

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