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Daan's Creature Adoptions from Daan e-maildaan@timmer.com
Updated: September 4, 2004
Feel free to look aound, and download any norns you like! Please note that these will only work in DS!
On this page, the Cratures are all for Docking Station! This may change in the future!

Dana and Erik's Creatures from Dana & Erik e-mailjnhopfauf@hotmail.com
Updated: November 7, 2008
Hi, do you like norns ettins and grendals? Then click here! I dont have much yet. Dont worry I wont disapoint by giving you sick or game crashing creatures. (For c3\ds only)
I dont have much, but you can still see if you like one of the few creatures I have.

darkmaster_881 from darkmaster_881 e-mail
Updated: July 19, 2003

dark_magician_gal90 from dark_magician_gal90 e-mailjoannegoldsmith@hotmail.com
Updated: November 25, 2003

darth6000 from darth6000 e-mail
Updated: November 20, 2000

Das Reich der einsamen Herzen from Dark_Mariella e-mailmanuelabrecht@googlemail.com
Updated: June 12, 2004
Hier findet ihr einsame Single Nornmännchen und Weibchen, welche nur darauf warten, dass ihr sie mit euren Norns zusammenbringt. Alle wurden liebevoll von Hand aufgezogen und unterrichtet, also möchte ich euch bitten, sie nur zu nehmen, wenn ihr euch, der Verantwortung gewachsen fühlt.
Es kann jetzt öfter mal Vorkommen, dass ich eine Wunschnornaktion starte, da ich jetzt wieder Zeit en mas habe :-) also, viel Spass auf den folgenden Seiten.

dennis from dennis e-mail
Updated: December 15, 2001

dragonshiru from dragonshiru e-mail
Updated: February 11, 2007

DragonSparke's C3/DS Creatures from DragonSparke e-mailasparkes@rogers.com
Updated: March 15, 2006
Heya, I'm DragonSparke, aka Ferryn. Here you can download my norns that I have no room for. There is only one rule. PLEASE offer these guys a good home.
These norns have all been taught their entire vocab, unless noted.

dragon_of_the_west from dragon_of_the_west e-mail
Updated: April 15, 2003

dustyamy from dustyamy e-mail
Updated: June 24, 2009

evil from evil e-mailspyr0cdw@aol.com
Updated: July 25, 2010
I just wanna say that this game is cool,awesome,and gameful!

evil_bob from evil_bob e-mail
Updated: December 18, 2003

gabriella from gabriella e-mail
Updated: September 13, 2008

garb01 from garb01 e-mail
Updated: December 19, 2007

gazza from gazza e-mail
Updated: May 13, 2001

Generation Norn from nornie2000 e-mailIraima@web.de
Updated: January 31, 2004
Viel Spass beim dowloaden der Norns :-)
Nur Creatures 2 Norns... Wenn ihr mich mal auf meiner richtigen Homepage besuchen wollt macht das doch einfach ^.^

Grendel Man's Old Creatures Stuff from Grendel Man e-mailgmtbsas3@hotmail.com
Updated: August 2, 2012
If you want grendels - well, here you are. Also has several norns and ettins.
This stuff is extremely old - most of it was made when I first joined the CC, and some of the breeds in the Archives are older than that. As such, it's not a good example of what I'm currently capable of. I suggest checking out my section at Creatures @ CU7 or my blog if you want some quality genetic breeds.

gretchen from gretchen e-mail
Updated: June 1, 2009

grettin from grettin e-mail
Updated: July 1, 2002

gunn from gunn e-mail
Updated: July 13, 2012

hans from hans e-mail
Updated: February 18, 2011

Hawk's Albian Moon - Match-making Services for C2 Norns! from Hawk e-mail
Updated: November 20, 2011
Welcome to the Albian Moon! We are a new C2 Match-making service. We're so dedicated, we have all amenities needed, including the mate or your dreams! So, sit down and pick one you like. You can take your special Norny out to dinner at our Moonlight Resturaunt, but you'll need to get ready for your date in our Silver Parlor. When you're ready for marriage, visit our Crater Gazebo. We hope you enjoy your stay here with us, and don't forget to reserve a HoneyMOON room quickly! (If you would like to submit a Norn or Nornette for 'adoption' so he/she can find a mate, please contact me, Hawk, on Creatures Caves.)
Willkommen auf der Alb Moon! Wir sind eine neue C2 Match-making Service. Wir sind so ausgerichtet, haben wir alle Annehmlichkeiten notwendig, darunter auch der Steuermann oder Ihrer Tr?ume! So, setz dich hin und holen Sie m?gen. Sie k?nnen Ihre speziellen Norny zum Abendessen in unserem Moonlight Resturaunt, aber Sie m?ssen, um bereit f?r Ihren Tag in unserem Silver Parlor. Wenn Sie bereit f?r die Ehe sind, besuchen Sie unsere Crater Gazebo. Wir w?nschen Ihnen einen angenehmen Aufenthalt hier bei uns, und vergessen Sie nicht zu einem Hochzeitszimmer schnell reservieren! (Wenn Sie gerne einen Norn oder Nornette f?r "Adoption" submit so kann er / sie einen Partner zu finden, kontaktieren Sie mich bitte, Hawk, auf Creatures Caves.)

heathsc from heathsc e-mail
Updated: March 6, 2010

icewing from icewing e-mail
Updated: August 9, 2002
This is my little collection of cool Norns. Here are grendel-and-ettin-fighting norns (Set norns), coloured Norns, and a chromatic Ettin.

iwtg from iwtg e-mail
Updated: May 31, 2006

Jak from Jak e-mailteamjones@gatway.net
Updated: November 17, 2001

jcspenny from jcspenny e-mail
Updated: October 24, 2008
C3/DS Norns for download. There are some pretty neat creatures here!

jerelyn from jerelyn e-mail
Updated: June 15, 2009

jon from jon e-mail
Updated: July 13, 2007

jonathon from jonathon e-mail
Updated: July 13, 2007

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